Danish TV


Today was an interesting day. I was interviewed by a Danish tech TV show “So ein Ding” about use of mobile phone in Japan, along with @kansai_takako. The show is supposed to air in September and our short part should be featured as a part of their series on various tech trends.

Nikolay, the host, asked us how important the data features are compared to the voice/phone feature. On a scale of 1 to 10 – I said 10 or 9 for data. I was kind of surprised to hear myself say that but then I realized that’s so true.

Too bad my WordPress iPhone cover has been broken so couldn’t work on a product placement 😛 but I hope the app icon will at least show up on my home screen.

The photo is of a Hero2 HD camera they used for taking some placeholder shots (I think). Precisely placed on top of a notebook 😉

Danish TV

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