Sunny Sunday: Learning about herbs

I know, there is nothing sunny about the photo or you don’t see any herbs. These are samples of infused echinacea. From the top, clockwise: brewed from water for 10 minutes, tinctured (pre-made) and diluted with water, and brewed with hot water for 3 minutes. We also tried the same methods for elderflower, then made a bottle of tinctured elderflower.

I took this phytochemical class/workshop with a friend who is into soap making. I’m not quite ready to get into making soaps and other concoctions yet, but I will be making better herbal teas now at least. And maybe herb-infused elixirs.

Sunny Sunday: Learning about herbs

4 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday: Learning about herbs

  1. snowtravelsandwrites says:

    Naoko, your photography is so good – – it’s amazing. So is your English. Did you live in an English speaking country or go to school in one? –
    Gambatte with the photography – R.S.

    1. 🙂 Thank you. I went to high school & collage in the US and lived there for over 10 years total. I’m just a beginner when it comes to photography (with SLR especially) but I love taking photos with my iPhone and playing with filters.

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