Today in Summary, 5/12/2011

I took this photo during my morning walk in Meiji Jingu (to the gym in Yoyogi Park where I ran for 30 minutes & did a 30-minute yoga session). Had a breakfast with a couple of friends who go to the same gym, went to Open Source Cafe Shimokitazawa afterword, had lunch with the owner of the cafe/coworking space, some coworking, skype meeting, WordPress meetup, dinner.

Today in Summary, 5/12/2011

7 thoughts on “Today in Summary, 5/12/2011

    1. Thanks! I like how this turned out. This is another location (besides the Mt. Fuji from Hakone) it feels very sacred and calm. I love my walk in the morning through Meiji Jingu.

  1. Stu from Bend, Oregon, U.S.A says:

    This is a great photo. I am looking for a photo for my blog; the focus of the blog is Senior Living. Two questions: would you consider allowing me to use this photo? And/or would you consider shooting a photo somewhere of something that you relate to Senior Living?
    Thank you

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